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Free Standard UK Mainland Shipping on Orders Over £400
Free Standard UK Mainland Shipping on Orders Over £400
Free Standard UK Mainland Shipping on Orders Over £400
Free Standard UK Mainland Shipping on Orders Over £400
Free Standard UK Mainland Shipping on Orders Over £400
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The Advantages of Picking System

The Advantages of Picking System

The eCommerce industry continues to thrive despite global economic instability, simultaneously fuelling the evolution of storage and order fulfilment technology. Order picking is one the most crucial steps in order fulfilment, forming up to 55% of operational costs (compared to storage, packing, and shipping) within a distribution centre. It directly impacts the flow of goods through your warehouse and determines both consumer satisfaction and the productivity of your operation. Here is what you need to know about order picking and how to implement the optimal warehouse picking solutions.


What is Order Picking?

Order picking is the retrieval of multiple products from a warehouse inventory to fulfil individual customer orders. It may seem like a straightforward process, but it is an easy one to get wrong! As we’ve touched upon already, it is a crucial part of the supply chain, a streamlined picking system affords you the best chance of successfully fulfilling customer orders swiftly and cost-effectively.

The order-picking strategy will vary from business to business. Though we can’t all necessarily compete with the fulfilment pace set by the innovative eCommerce giants, understanding your product and employing robust inventory management practices will go a long way toward improving the throughput in your warehouse.

You can optimise your picking process and minimise the margin for error by introducing consistent product labelling, barcode/scanner systems, and reliable storage solutions. At the higher end of the scale, Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) now offer unparalleled efficacy in the warehouse environment, with many businesses seeking advantages through software and robotics.


The Advantages of Picking Systems

Reduced Warehouse Costs

As the most labour-intensive element of order fulfilment, order picking can quickly become expensive, especially in facilities with a large footprint. An established picking system that strategically organises products and picking routes should minimise team travel time, mitigate errors and thus create a more–effective labour-fulfilment ratio.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Investing in the right picking solutions and developing effective processes will establish customer loyalty and increase their value. As previously mentioned, order picking affects customer satisfaction directly. It can be the difference between a shipment that arrives as expected and one arriving late with missing or incorrect items!


Improved Team Success

The right warehouse-picking solutions will optimise both your warehouse and your picking team – helping them to carry out their roles successfully (and with less room for human error!) it’s essential to maintain regular communication with your picking team, swiftly addressing any issues that might impede picking functionality.



The design of your warehouse and picking systems are as crucial to your Carbon footprint as they are to its success. Adequate floor planning, picking routes, and product prioritisation will improve picking efficiency, reducing errors and the time it takes to fulfil orders – thus saving your energy costs.



Storeganizer is an ultra-space-saving, modular warehouse storage solution that maximises storage capacity. Based on the concept of vertically stacked, multi-row high-quality pockets Stroreganizer is designed to to accommodate small items in columns of suspended, easy-to-access vertical pockets, made of flexible, durable coated textile, and able to support up to 100kg. This highly adaptable solution can be created in any size or dimension and designed to fit your specific inventory needs.


Pallite Pix

Constructed from paper and PVA glue, Pallite Pix is a range of lightweight, flexible, and durable storage and shelving systems designed to consolidate your pick faces and create more free space in your warehouse, with the added benefit of significant weight savings and increased picking efficiency.


Shelf Partitioning System (SPS)

Nene’s Shelf Partitioning System is a robust and adjustable stock organisation solution that fits standard, adjustable pallet racking or long-span shelving. Manufactured from high-grade powder coated steel, the dividers simply clip on and can be customised to suit any facility build size and specifications.


Stow Atlas 2D

The Stow Atlas 2D pallet shuttle system is a self-powered, highly efficient storage and retrieval solution suited to semi and fully-automated warehouses. At the heart of the Atlas 2D system is a lightweight, energy-efficient carrier capable of transporting pallets within a specifically designed racking structure. You can find out more about warehouse automation systems from our blog on the benefits of warehouse automation.


Speak To The Experts

The world of order fulfilment is vast. The abundance of picking solutions available on the market can be enough to make your head spin! Nene’s Turnkey division includes solutions experts with first-hand operational and design experience. No matter the size of your facility, if your existing picking process needs optimising, or you require guidance on a new warehouse design and fulfilment strategy, contact our team today!

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